Celestial Prime

"Chasing Dreams, Following Stars"  

Celestial Prime - formally known as the Celestial Prime Alliance (CPA) was founded on August 31, 1997 on America Online. It is a group formed after splitting from the Continuum OnLine (COL), it's formation was spearheaded by Gem Rhee, Joi'Ahn Kethry and Fred Shedian.

When it was formed, CPA boasted over half of the advanced sim roster formerly found with the Continuum Online.  Since it's creation, the organization has featured sims of Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5, as well as fantasy settings, using America Online chat rooms, AOL Instant Messenger rooms and e-mail.  In addition, close to ten weekly training simulations were operating four months after it's creation.   The Alliance Academy program was eventually so successful that by late 1998, it boasted weekly scheduled training games that briefly rivaled those of Spacefleet Online (SFOL).

With SFOL's loss of sponsorship by America Online in 2002, the Celestial Prime Alliance was one of several groups to adopt several sims that had left the organization.

In 2005, Admiral Gem Rhee, the last remaining member of the founding senior administrative team still within the group, retired.  The group has since continued operation under new leadership and remains vibrant.

On December 1st, 2007, the group was renamed, dropping Alliance from it's name to promote it's additional mission of creating a new harbor for Science-Fiction and Fantasy authors alike to submit their works.

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